Piper Rockelle Phone Number, Email, House Address, Contact Information, Whatsapp and Biography

One of the Popular American Young celebrities Piper Rockelle Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Number, House Address Information, Wiki, Biography, Whatsapp Account Number, and other Piper Rockelle contact information is provided here. She is a 14 years old teenage actress, viral on social media. Piper Rockelle is an active internet celebrity on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Other than social media, she is a professional actress. She starred in the Brat series Mani and on the reality series Piperazzi.

Nowadays, she is a popular cast of the web series Chicken Girls alongside Hayden Summerall and Hayley Leblanc. Piper Rockelle recently became an active internet personality to entertain her millions of fans on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media by posting vlogs, challenges, pranks, dance videos, and lip-syncing content. Moreover, Piper has started her singing career and already released more than four songs. She has taken classes for gymnastics. She even tried modeling and beauty content before getting popular on TikTok and YouTube. Piper Rockelle is criticized for her social media presence for posting bikinis and other controversial apparel on Instagram and youtube videos. Furthermore, Pink claims teen YouTuber Piper Rockelle is being exploited and warns social media teenagers’ parents to eye their kids.

At the moment, she has garnered a lot of fan following on social platforms including 8 million subscribers on her self title YouTube channel, 6 million TikTok fans, and 5 million followers on Instagram. Rockelle has got an increase in fan following in the past 2 years. With the love, she calls her fans Piperazzi. Let’s see the phone and email address details of Piper Rockelle, including her personal mobile number, Cell Phone number, Other Contact Details, Email ID postal, and physical mail addresses, etc.

Actress Piper Rockelle phone number, email, house address and biography
Popular YouTuber and Actress Piper Rockelle Contact Information and Biography

Piper Rockelle Contact (Phone Number & House Address) Information

Internet Sensation Piper Rockelle House and Postal Addresses:

  • House Address: Piper Rockelle, The Squad, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Residence Address: Piper Rockelle, Georgia, United States of America.

Actress Piper Rockelle Phone Number & Email Address Details

  • Piper Rockelle Phone Number: California 4G Network SIM, +1-297-322-PIPER Active
  • YouTuber Piper Rockelle Contact Number: US Connection Network, Enabled
  • Actress Piper Rockelle WhatsApp Number: Active for Business and Fans texts only
  • Rockelle’s Email Address: TeamPiperRockelle@gmail.com (Verified)

Social Media Contact Accounts of Influencer ‘Piper Rockelle’

  • TikTok Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@piperrockelle (Verified)
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/piperrockelle (Verified)
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/piperrockelle (Verified)
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PiperRockelle/ (Verified)
  • Rockelle Official Website: https://www.piperrockelle.com (Verified)
  • Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/babyscrubz
  • Rockelle Piper SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/piperrockelle
  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4XU1w0lxvHVRYKFQbMOTss?si=nc1jrarsQIqLM1mfu3aE-Q (Verified)
  • Piper Facetime: Available as of iPhone Pro Max

About (Piper Rockelle Biography)

Piper Rockelle born August 21, 2007, is a 14 years old American famous teenager residing in Los Angeles. She started her career in 2017 with Hollywood projects which pushed her to the media and entertainment industry, and later to Social Media as well. She is one of the youngest girls in America who found her identity over social media and became a renowned internet personality. No matter, what she acts including dancing, pranks, singing, vibes, and whatsoever, her fans always love her content. Piper is earning well with her popularity allowing her to sustain her career, studies, and future insurance.


Piper Rockelle Phone number, email address, house address
Piper Rockelle Contact Information

Piper Rockelle Family

Notable information regarding Piper Rockelle is that she belongs to a family residing in an American city name Georgia. She lives with her parents. In fact, Piper Rockelle is raised by her mother. Her mother runs a cat’s house which consists of more than 100 cats. Piper Rockelle’s mother takes care of these cats and rescues them. Rockelle siblings are Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill.

YouTube, Actress, Singer, TikTok, Instagram-er, Social Media Personality

In short, Piper Rockelle is an entertainment icon. You can find her in each and every media field no matter where she is, the fact is that she is absolutely doing well. Piper Rockelle is actively working as an actress, with more than 4 projects already released. She uploaded content over a YouTube channel where she got more than 10 million subscribers. Moreover, Piper Rockelle is an active TikToker with more than 6 million followers, where she uploads dancing and short videos for fans. Piper Rockelle is active on most social media accounts with a good number of followers, she is an active American teenager internet and social media personality.

Other than the entertainment industry, Piper Rockelle is also a trained gymnast, as well as she knows how to surf. She has taken surfing classes later year. Piper Rockelle also appeared in different modeling and beauty contests before getting internet fame.

Dating Life

Piper Rockelle began dating a co-star and social media personality Lev Cameron Khmelev. Both share common videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Net worth

Piper Rockelle worked on Hollywood Projects as an Actress. Moreover, she earns from the YouTube channel and other earnings from brand endorsements. So, in collective Piper Rockelle’s net worth is $5 million dollars.

Personal Facts and Figures

Business Facts/Figures

  • Salary Source: YouTube/Brand Endorsements/Affiliates
  • Net worth: Est. $7 Million Dollars
  • Education: California High School
  • Twitter Followers: 2 Million Followers
  • Instagram Followers: 7M Followers
  • YouTube Followers: 10M Subscribers
  • TikTok Fans: 26M Followers

Work and Awards:

Piper Rockelle Work:

  • Modeling
  • Actress
  • Hollywood Projects
  • Social Media Celebrity
  • Video and Filmography
  • TikTok Star
  • YouTuber
  • Dancer
  • Singer


  1. Mani
  2. Chicken Girls
  3. Dark Eyes
  4. Sitting in the ’80s

Rockelle Songs:

  1. Treat Myself
  2. Treat Myself First Kiss
  3. Its Christmas
  4. Its Christmas 2

Piper Rockelle Awards:

  1. Teen Choice Awards
  2. Teen Film Awards
  3. Best Choice Muser
  4. YouTube Silver Button Award

Important Questions Asked by Fans and Followers.

Q: How to easily reach Piper Rockelle?
You can Reach Piper Rockelle easily through phone, different social media profiles, email addresses, and house address info after an appropriate appointment. Recommended is via Gmail and Social Media Account Internal Messaging.

Q: How to Contact Piper Rockelle through Email?
Piper Rockelle Gmail address is given above, send her email to the following details, TeamPiperRockelle@gmail.com.

Q: What is the Age of Piper Rockelle?
American Piper Rockelle is 14 Years Old.

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  1. Dear piper ,
    I love your music and your music videos sidewalk is my alarm o love it so much . You are very nice person i don’t know why someone would steal your jeep , frank , and vandalize your house I am sorry for you . Again very sorry I love your personality your funny , and croaky like any one else your just a normal teenager and that is what I love about you

  2. hi Piper I’m a really big fan and I would like to tell you I really love it and I really wanted to know ifshe can give me your phone number but I don’t know I was seven I really don’t have that many followers on Tik Tok my follower followers of my username is Cassandra Rodriguez zero I pretty sure you a pretty sure can can dressesI know Cassandra said see but it’s actually K to put a cake for Cassandra but I just bought the whole thing and starts with a k

  3. Hey Piper,

    OMG I cant believe I’m actually sending you a message!!! I just want you to know that I love you and your squad and one of my BIGGEST DREAMS IS TOO BE IN YOUR SQUAD!!! Please make my dreams come true. Everytime I watch one of your youtube videos I feel like I’ve known you guys my whole life and I’ve never felt that way before. I hope you make my dream come true I would be so happy and blessed it you did.


  4. dear piper i saw the new sqad member video and i was like i want to see her so much because i want to be like her when i grow up

  5. I am a big fan of you piper I love u can you give me your WhatsApp number please I love you so much❤️❤️❤️💖💖😘🥰

  6. Dear Piper

    Hi Piper you are so awesome and I love all of you music, Tik tok and also your 24 hour challenge’s I love your squad and I am so sorry about Sophie but just know everybody is here for you and I have wachted you since I was 4 years old you are the best person on youtube and I follow you on Tik tok and Instagram and with this covid and Sophie leaving i was so sad when I found out I see what you are going thourgh. bye the way I think thatb you and lev are cute togther I need to meet you in real life my life is bursting you are the best and i was wondering if I could join the squad me and my familiy love you and if I could i was wondering if i could get your phone number and i can call you when you say that I can my name is brooklyn

  7. HI piper you are the best I love your personality I love your squad and I hope some day I can be apart of your squad .

    when some one lets you down you get back up

    you are awesome dont ever forget that

  8. Piper my name is Kayla am your fan I subscribed to your channel and I encourage others to let me give you a reason why. I should get your phone number I think I met you already am a Singer, dancer , a head cheerleader how loves and support her team and a great singer working on a new song at the moment and girls got to make friends write 🥰🥰

  9. I just wanted to say me and my little sister are really big fans of your acting modeling and tiktoks YouTube videos too we are really appreciate if you called us so can you please call us thank you and I’ll tell you my phone number so you call me if you call comment back thank you 🎉

  10. hi piper my name is Yazmin and I just wanted too no that do you still live in Georgia or do you live in LA and I really really love yours and Gavin’s videos I’m watching one write now

  11. Hi Piper Rockelle i love your videos and i would like to meet you in person but it is corona seson but i would also like if we could face time and i could have your number and facetime you and the squad

  12. Hi im brena and i would love to get to know you i love all of your vids but they could use me lol jk ilysm and yeah maby phone number

  13. Hi Piper

    I’m your biggest fan honestly I would follow u on Tik Tok and Instagram but I don’t have it u might not even get this bc I live i the UK but if u do I’d love to come and meat u and just to let u know I’m putting this on my birthday list I rlly wish I could meat u ik I have said that I rlly want to meat u it’s just that your my age and it would be AMAZING to go shopping with u and eat food it would my dream but ik it’s not going to happen bc my family don’t have the money so I’m not going to get my hopes up

    But I’d just like u to know that this is what I think about all day XX ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Lots of love 💕 Darci

  14. I’ve been waiting for you to read this pls I love you and Lev and Simone and pls pls reply I’ve watched you grow from a little girl now your 13 you you will never see this I will just give up on my dreams

    love dazari

  15. Hey Piper am in love with your video’s and am so sorry for happened your house hope I guys find who did it but all I want to tell is that don’t give up

  16. Hey Piper can I please have your phone number I love you so much you are so pretty and I ship Liper so much so please may I have your phone number and don’t worry about those hate comments

  17. OMG, I can not believe I might be talking to piper rockelle I am in 4th grade 10 years old birthday Oct 20 if u can I would love it if you make a vid and say happy birthday Dime or Dimo that would mean so much and I am sorry I can not get the murch because of reasons I can not say but hopefully, I get it this Christmas and also I am a libra my sis a Leo and meh bro a Leo and I subscribed liked and post notifications on and ya!
    ps say hi to the squad lev coner Jenna Symone Emily Ayden and etc also I want a pet black girl pug named October and also say hi to frank

  18. Chloe Hunsberger

    Hi, Piper. My name is Chloe Hunsberger and I love your Tiktoks and Youtube videos! You are so beautiful and pretty❤️! And also Frank is so funny😂

  19. I’m not even gonna say anything, you probably wont answer me 🙁 but I do wanna say one thing, Be grateful for everything and everyone u have because I’m poor and don’t have that much, but I cherish it, my life is pretty hard, and I know people go through worse than me, but I still have problems, and no one understands me, I’m 13 like you…I hope u understand, I wish I could be wealthy, I wish I had a squad, I wish my mom loved me, I wish my dad loved me, I wish my life could get better.
    P.S Remember to be grateful, the things you have can be taken just as fast as u got them. 🙂 <3

  20. hello piper rockelle i love your youtube videos i watched your youtube videos long long time a go and i love your boyfriend gavin magnus and i love your squad and i am 14 i will be 15 this wednesday and what is your phone number how old are you and how old is your boyfriend gavin magnus do you have facebook and do you have instagam and do you do gymnastics and i love your youtube channels

    love jessica silva

  21. Omg uhhh hi piper I’m your biggest fan my name is Emily and uhhh I’m 13 years old I wish I could call and visit you but I live in coppers cove I wish I could call u but I look a hot mess😂😂 anyways byee oh wait before I go did I forget to mention that me and my mom r moving but she just won’t tell me where anyways cyaaa

  22. Hi piper I hope you see this I am a bug fan of you I have a TikTok acc called x.squad..boba.x
    I work really hard to post things so I hope one day you’ll notice me you’ve noticed me on youtube before I mite do a YouTube acc about you idk yet I would really like to send you some fan mail also
    But I think my parents will say no idk really I’m your #1 fan love you piper

    ~Tyla Graham #1 fan🤍❤️🥥

  23. Hi piper i’ve been watching your video in a long time i’m your biggest fan I really want to be in one of your videos can you please send me merch and I really want to come to your house your house seems so fun and I want to be all the squad members in real life . So can you please pick me.

  24. Hi, I am Isla I Ben watching your videos since I was two my dream to meet you in real life please can you pick my favorite YouTubers is Simone Piper lev Emily Eliana Jensen Connor Eden Claire please can you pick me 🥰🥰🥰

  25. Linomtha.Tshotyana

    Hi I am Linomtha me and my cousin love ur videos and we love u so much .You are the best and the squad I hope one day I can meet you and if that does happen it will be a dream come true ❤💖🖤💕.

  26. Hi piper my name is Olivia and I am a really really BIG fan
    Please come to Australia 🇦🇺

    Love Olivia ❤️

  27. Roseana Martina Garcia Queen

    Dear Piper Rockelle

    I love your boyfriend so much and I would like to know what is your phone number and I am from a country called Trinidad so can I have your number please and tell your boyfriend I love him so much and I am 13 years old and I am the biggest fan ever and also do you like slime I do so much and I am a sing also .ok bye!. love your boyfriend.

  28. Hey piper you might not know me but I live in Kenya. I had been following you from 2019 to 2020 until my mum told me to unsubscribe to you. I actually had a TikTok account I followed you and you never responded to me for like a few months. I am a big/huge fan of yours this app is not working for me. Love your videos. Wish I could get your number actually I might have commented on a few of your videos since one time I asked you for your phone number in a live chat and you blocked me. But I still love you and send my sincere apologies to Elliana and Jentzen’s break up even though you might not see this I will always stay a huge fan of yours. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  29. Dear Piper rockelle

    I am a big fan of yours I want to say that whenever you are giving away an iPhone 13 please one day give me one because my mom broke her phone and I want to surprise her with a new one.

  30. Hey Piper, I love your videos and me and my brother wants to visit you in LA and we want to be your friends with you so if you text us back that will be so exciting for us thank you so very much.😊


  31. Hi piper! I am a huge fan this summer I’m going to Los Angeles California so I’m hoping to meet you I love your videos my favorite one is the bath bomb video. I think your content is amazing tick-tock‘s beautiful my heart goes out to you!😍

  32. hi, Dear piper, I’m a big fan my name is enslei ray Loftis I’m 12 years old and I hope you are happy and I wish I was you and a little more of me I’m a wildcat I cheer and I dance and I love your squad has a good day and night, big fan loves you.

  33. hi, piper, I love you, I’m a big fan my is Rebecca Thomas. i’m 16 years old and I live at Austin IN

  34. Hi piper, I am a massive fan and I love everything you do on YouTube and your songs. I am a big fan of them all I wish I was like u in lots of ways. I am a dancer and singer and u inspired me to sing and Elliana inspired me to dance and I wish I could meet u.

  35. I’m your biggest fan and can you please follow me on TikTok it will really make my day it is moonxstar472 also I like your style.

  36. hi piper I’m your biggest fan I follow all your youtube accounts
    it would be amazing if you followed my TikTok I have 2 accounts they are nikki_jemma
    and nikki_jemjem4ever

  37. hi piper I’m your biggest fan you are the best and you influence me your my idol I wish we can meet but I live in Australia that’s no where near you but hears my email if you see this pls email me plsss @nikkitablake2009@outlook.com love you

  38. Hi piper my name is Elliana and I love your videos and I wish I could call u I love u and your squad have a great day love u

  39. Hey Piper,

    OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually sending you a message!!! I just want you to know that I love you and your squad and one of my BIGGEST DREAMS IS TO BE IN YOUR SQUAD!!! Please make my dreams come true. Every time I watch one of your youtube videos I feel like I’ve known you guys my whole life and I’ve never felt that way before. I hope you make my dream come true I would be so happy and blessed if you did. I always pretend it’s you! I am with you, I always pretend I am in your squad with you! I am very sorry to make this awkward but I have a huge crush on your EX Gavin. Say hi to the squad for me and tell them I love them!

    Your NEW BFF


  40. _______________

    Hi Piper!
    I just wanted to say how inspirational you are to many kids and teenagers! You make so many people happy, and your videos are always so fun! I just wanted to tell you all this, but I am sure you get it a lot!!! Keep doing what you are doing!


  41. Dear Piper

    Your videos are so inspiring to me that I cry every time I watch them. I love you and squad so much, I have no friends so when I watch your videos I go to my basement in a dark corner and pretend like I’m with you guys. I leave your tik-tok videos playing all night and fall asleep to your beautiful voice. I’ve memorized every one of your youtube videos, every single line of dialogue that someone says I can easily rehearse it with my eyes closed. Don’t believe me? call me and test me! I also love your dog so much, my cat died a year ago, and to cope with it, I watch your videos and Frank in them, my lips drool every time I see it and I even made a doll of Frank, he reminds me of my Tommy.

    I think you should give me your phone number because I am a cool person to talk to. I could talk with you all day and night no stopping and I wouldn’t get tired, I will always be there talking to you even when you sleep you hear my voice. I will come to visit you at your house, I will let myself in at midnight and go to your kitchen and sleep on the counter. I want your phone number so bad please I would do anything please take my family, I need the number.

    -Courneluis Ruford III jr

  42. Emelia Colclough

    Omg piper I’m your number one fan I’ve always wanted to be a part of the squad and I think you should do a video 24 hours with your cats in one room and this is the squad rating Piper Emily Jenna Lev Jentzen Elliana
    Love you so much 🥰

  43. Hi piper my name is Mercedes-Benz and my dream is to meet you actually it is to meet you on my birthday and my birthday is next month July 4 and that name I wrote up there is my nickname but my name is Mercy. I am sorry but what I am writing is too much pls can u reply also I wanted to tell you I and my friends made a song. we are really glad for you to be the first celebrity to answer us pls I beg u reply Thanks

  44. Omg piper I can’t believe I am texting you. I have always been your number 1 fan. I have watched all your videos. I am so happy I can’t believe it. I have subscribed. And every time I watch your video I feel like I’m part of the squad. Please can you. Great eliana, Emily, jetzen,Lev. but to make things awkward I have a have a huge crush on your ex Gavin . Say hi to the rock squad. I❤️ you guys

  45. Hi, piper I really love you so much I will die if I see you and I am 9 and every day I watch your videos and I love you so much and You’re like the best YouTuber and I wish that you can show me your house and I will see you 😇😍😇🌹🥺🥰🥰😍

  46. Hello piper l am so happy to speak to you and l hope to see you and l support you and l love your video l am watching your channel rate now l just love you as a BFF and l hope you do too l just am so happy that l am going to cry you mack my day the best from sienna

  47. I have a crush on Payton Myler I live in England 17 mountains I love the fact that she likes gymnastics can you send me a video please 🙏👌

  48. Are Piper and Frank I know how much you want to see me on tour but I can’t come cuz I don’t get any money and I live in America United States of America a big fan of yours sometimes I wish you can come to my birthday because I wish you can’t but this time I wish you could because you’re your famous YouTuber take stalkers singer Instagrammer I really really like your videos and music they’re like awesome like two thousand views of them, yeah okay I’m going to subscribe to your shoes and gaming channel all your friend’s channels so that you could be supportive By Me Love You.

  49. Hey, Piper, I heard your grandfather piggy passed away I just want to let you know that I had a couple of people pass away and I’m still happy then I can take off and I’m a beautiful dancer don’t let them talk about you if you still go to school and somebody ever talks about you and says something about your mammal or your grandpa deal with it they do that I need a grade to this Shore because one of my friends is 215 I’m not I don’t need a grade I am in third grade but I have a friend she’s 15 and she’s only a high school so you’re probably in high school signature me you’re a big fan love deajah

  50. Hi piper I hope to see you in 2022 December for the holidays well after I should say live you hope to see your next vid by

    – love Riley🥰

  51. Hi I want to meet you so bad like I’m your favorite YouTuber. If you’re not doing anything, you can call me

  52. Hi Piper, I have watched your videos since I was 10. They are amazing. You are one of the funniest people I know. I hope one day I will be able to meet you in person and I love the squad. You guys are perfect together. We are almost the same age. I am 14 this year. I hope you will see this message, I was wondering if I’d be able to get your phone number. If not it’s perfectly fine anyway, I just want you to know i love you.

  53. I just love you so much. I can’t stop thinking about it you’re amazing. Please remember you’re in lots of peoples heart. You build lots of people to tell them what they want to be. You are a lots of people inspiration for everything. Thank you for everything.

  54. I am your biggest fan ever, I’ve been watching I all the videos, but this girl who said her skincare wants to fight you

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