Ferran The Fashion King – Wiki, Biography and Contact Information.

Social Media Star, born and raised in the United States. He become a famous Instagram star after his mother first began posting photos on his Instagram in October 2016. In 2022, he has gained 1 million followers so far. His mother is also popular online as she recorded videos with former Smallville actor turned social media star Sam Jones III. On his official account, you can find his best fashion looks, unique and creative selfies alongside some best videos. Ferran is also a fashion-forward family member of UFC host Andrea Espada. There is a Ferran family channel named The Royalty Family.


He has started appearing on social media from early childhood. It has made it possible for him to become a social media celebrity, especially an Instagram star. His mother helped him to create his social accounts as well as posting several photos and videos. Still, most of his content and accounts are managed by his own mother. Ferran is also a part of his family channel Royalty Family, by which he has become an active YouTuber as well.

Being a member of the ROYALTY FAMILY Youtube Channel, they are a modern blended family based in Los Angeles that loves to entertain their audience on YouTube and other social media. The royalty family believes in family, fun, Love. The whole family is passionate about fashion, comedy, and culture. Every week they are sharing the good times inclusive of Andrea, Ali, Ferran, and Chihuahua Princesa. Contact information such as Phone number and house address of the Royalty family and Ferran King are added for communication and messages.


Ferran The Fashion King - Wiki, Contact, Biography
Ferran The Fashion King – Wiki, Contact, Biography


Born to an American ROYALTY family, his mother is a Colombian immigrant. His father’s name is Ali. He has a brother named Milan, younger than him.


His schoolmates are his best friends and a few social stars.

Net Worth

He receives monthly pocket money from his parents. His family source of income is YouTube channel monetization.


He was born on July 26, 2010, in the USA. He’s 11 years old.

Contact Details

  • ROYALTY Family House Address: Ferran The Fashion King, The Royalty Family, Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Ferran The Fashion King Phone Number: Customized Registered Number (California 4G SIM)
  • Youtuber Royalty Family Phone Number: California 4G SIM +1-000-number-syntax
  • WhatsApp Number: Sucessfully interegated +1-USNUMBER
  • Ferran Email Account: ferranking@gmail.com
  • Royalty Family (YouTube) Email: AndreaEspada.Bookings@Gmail.com

Social Media Contact Profiles

  • TikTok Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@the_kingferran
  • Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/kingferran/
  • Other: https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/ferran-the-fashion-king.html
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCja7QUMRG9AD8X2F_vXFb9A
  • Royalty Family YT Address: https://www.youtube.com/c/royaltyfam

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Real Name: Ferran King
  • Birthday/Birth Date: July 26, 2010
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Age: 11 Years old
  • Occupation: YouTuber
  • Height: 5’4 feet
  • Income Source: Pocket Money
  • Net worth: No
  • Education: In Junior School
  • Instagram Followers: 1M
  • YouTube Followers: 11M Subscribers

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  1. Sup royalty FAM😜im your biggest fan and I have always wanted a shout I am subscribed to your chanel and I tunerd on post notification you’re the best youtubers I have ever met😏

  2. Hi Ferran i love you so much stay royalty and have the best life possible i always dreamed of being in the royal palace when I grow up or now I was born Feb 21 2010 and love you so much my name is Kamoriah tell Ali I said hi and Andrea i love you guys stay royalty im out

  3. Hi please give me the royalty family number please answer this one I hope it could make me happy and hi Ferran I like your pranks is funny and I do not say my name

  4. Hi. Ferran I really like to watch all your videos I like…….The Royalty Family and Royalty Gaming. Can I get your number pls?

  5. Hi Ferran 💖 l love to watch Royalty Family and Royalty Gaming so much I really hope we can meet one day and I would really love it if I can have your phone number plz
    Hope you received this

  6. Can u do something about bullying my grandson watches u guys every day that means so do I the kids have been bullying him ganged up on him beat him up and all he wanted was to play they also call him names ty Ryan grandma

  7. hey Ferran i am Judith i am 10 and i have to admit and i am sorry to say this i do not like you nor think you are cute i think of you as a friend i love your gaming channel and i love the channel you do with your family my fave one is when you guys read your fan mail out loud the one that made me laugh the most was the one that was for Ali and it had a drawing of him with a pacifier in his mouth it was so funny.

  8. My name is Caiden, I am 4 years old I will be 5 on september 26th. I live in chicago and I am a huge fan of your channel. I am having my mommy send this email because she said she does not have your phone number and because I can not read or write because I am only 4 Can I get a shout out on one of your videos or something please. Stay blessed!
    Caiden S

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  11. Ferrain WhatsApp number
    To keep i touch with you I will like my name is Anita please 🤗💜💜 I like your videos on YouTube 👍👍👑 that perks I have WhatsApp too do you want my number

  12. Hi ferran im a big fan of your videos i hope we can meet but im way to far im from Malaysia and pls shout out on your next video and can i get your phone number pls

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