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American TikTok Internet Celebrity Zoe Laverne (codys girlfriend) Contact Cell Number, Email ID, House and Residential Address, Telephone Number Information, Biography, Wiki, WhatsApp, and More possible information is provided here. Zoe Laverne is an American internet celebrity and social media girl famous for TikTok videos and Instagram vibes. She rose to fame by receiving more than 25 million followers within the last few years. As, Zoe Laverne is a social media star, by now she is receiving good offers from talent agencies and commercial projects. Soon, Zoe Laverne could be seen as an Actress or a Model. However, Zoe Laverne started her social account over TikTok in 2016 and started posting a few lip-syncing videos and voice-over videos.

In 2017, she went viral in the app and started receiving the bulk of fans and followers by which she got verified at TikTok and became one of the top growing American young girls. Later, She joined Instagram and surprisingly she owns more than 3 million followers on Instagram alone. She is an active YouTuber along with other new social media like Snapchat and Twitter. Moreover, Zoe Laverne was very motivated and caring to her work and followers. She posted her videos on a regular schedule along with the best creative dance and singing videos. Most of the time Zoe Laverne uses popular songs to voice over her videos for the TikTok application. Meanwhile, she has 2 active and highly populated channels on YouTube, those are Cody & Zoe and Zoe Laverne – The Day Family.

One of the best things Zoe Laverne did in her early days as a social media sensation is that she replied to most of her followers which showed the caring and down-to-earth behavior of Zoe Laverne. It helps her to gain more popularity and fans with a lot of appreciation. Now, she receives a number of event requests and invitations to different concerts countrywide. Now, let’s see the Phone number details of Social Media Celebrity and American Personality Zoe Laverne, Her Personal Contact Number, Business Phone, Other Zoe Laverne Contact Details, Email ID Account, Personal mobile numbers, house/residential addresses, WhatsApp account, Wiki, biography and More.

Zoe LaVerne phone number, address, email
Zoe LaVerne Contact Information

American Celebrity Zoe LaVerne Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Information, House Address and Biography Details

TikTok Girl Zoe LaVerne Addresses:

  • House Address: Zoe LaVerne, Greenwood, Indiana, U.S.
  • Residence Address: Zoe LaVerne, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46077 United States of America.

Social Media Star Zoe Laverne Phone Number and Contact info

  • Zoe Laverne Phone Number: Yes, American Network Number.
  • TikToker Zoe Laverne Mobile Contact Number: US Network SIM +1 NUMB LOCAL
  • WhatsApp Number of Zoe Laverne: Created and Activated but use it occasionally.
  • Personal Phone Number: Same
  • Zoe Laverne Email Account: Added.

Social Media Accounts of TikTok Videos Creator ‘Zoe Laverne’

  • TikTok Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@zoelaverne (verified)
  • Facebook Account: not there.
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/realzoelaverne (Verified)
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/zoexlaverne (Verified)
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGCkxTFv41PmJf7mifuPYUQ (verified)
  • Website: no official website.
  • SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/zoelaverne13
  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3fC58s7bb9y2OneUbvkNwN
  • Wiki: Read Below

About (Zoe Laverne Biography)

Zoe Laverne born June 03, 2001, is a 22 years old American Popular Teenager girl known for TikTok publication and Social Media Profiles. She started appearing in various videos posted online through social media mostly in TikTok and Instagram. Zoe Laverne a resident of Indiana, US is known for her dancing and lip syncing skills which could be seen in her videos. She gained million of fans following over social media mostly on TikTok application, Instagram and YouTube channel. Zoe Laverne is seen with her boyfriend Cody Orlove within most of her post and there are speculations they are going to marrying together soon. Her family includes parents and siblings one brother and another one step-brother. Her mother name is Debbe Pemberton whereas father name is Douglas Wright. Zoe Laverne is also a crown holder at TikTok and before becoming a social media personality her dream was to become American Singer.


TikTok, You Tuber, Social Media Personality

Zoe Laverne is a Social Media Celebrity. Somehow she started her social media personality career in 2016 as a hobby which later became into fame and money-making profession. Her dream was to be a Singing Star of the United States of America which by means is also going to achieve as in such popularity she is going to sing a song and to release it for her fans. It is very easy for internet and social media personalities to become singers or actresses just because they already shine huge fame and popularity within their audience who always love to get content from their influencers. Taking it short, Zoe Laverne is an active American teenage Social Media Celebrity with more than a million followers at TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Zoe Laverne lives with her parents who name as Debbe Pemberton (mother) and Douglas Wright (father). She has two brothers whereas one brother Cameron is her step-brother. Laverne’s direct sibling’s name is Eric. Somehow, they are a happy family.

Dating Life

Zoe Laverne dated a YouTube celebrity Zephan Clark till 2017. After breaking up with Clark she got a new heart rob Cody Orlove who is also a social media star. There are news regarding them that they are splitting as there are few up and downs in their relationship on way.

Net Worth

As YouTube pays its users, Zoe Laverne also earns from her videos posted over YouTube. Other than that she receives affiliate marketing and brand endorsement offers from different local and international businesses by which she owns a whooping net worth of an estimated 700 thousand dollars as of now.

Height, Weight Details

Physical measurements for Zoe Laverne are as follows.


In 2023, Zoe Laverne’s weight is 110 lbs in Pounds.


Age At 22 Years, Zoe Laverne is 5,4′ tall.

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: June 3, 2001.
  • Place of Birth: Indiana, United States.
  • Husband/Boy Friend: Cody Orlove
  • Total Children: 0
  • Age: 22 Years old
  • Official TikTok: @zoelaverne
  • Occupation: Tiktok-er, YouTuber, Social Media Personality
  • Height: 5,4
  • Popular Friends: TikTok Celebrities.

Business Facts/Figures

  • Salary: Brand Endorsements/YouTube/Instagram
  • Net worth: Est. US $700 Thousands
  • Education: Yes
  • TikTok Fans/Followers: 25 Million and Growing.
  • Twitter Followers: 1M
  • Instagram Followers: 3M
  • YouTube Followers: 1M Subscribers

Work and Awards:

Zoe Laverne Work:

  • YouTube video creator
  • TikTok Dancing videos and clips
  • TikTok Lip Syncing Video Creator
  • Social Media and Internet Personality
  • Singing

Laverne Awards:

  1. YouTube Silver Award
  2. Teen Choice Award
  3. Nickelodeon’s 2019 Kids’ Awards
  4. Teen Muser

Important Questions Asked by Fans and Followers.

Q: How to Contact Zoe Laverne?
You can contact Zoe Laverne both physically and digitally by visiting her house address or calling her phone number and email address.

Q: How to Contact Zoe Laverne Digitally?
To contact Zoe Laverne digitally check the Phone Number and Email Address details above.

Q: What is the Phone Number of American TikTok Celebrity Zoe Laverne?
A: The telephone
Number of Zoe Laverne (TikTok Artist) is provided above.

Q: How many bf’s Zoe Laverne have?
Zoe Laverne was dating Clark till 2017, and now she dates Cody.

Q: What is the Age of Zoe Laverne?
Zoe Laverne is 22 Years Old as of 2023.

Q: Mobile Contact number and email of Zoe Laverne?
Yes, the recommended method to make contact with TikTok girl Zoe Laverne is via the use of a phone number and email address, You can call Zoe Laverne through phone or send her an email through her email address provided.

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