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Anna McNulty is a popular contortionist, best known for her flexibility, contemporary dance, and social media posts. She was aged 10 when she first started learning dance and gymnastics. Anna is a self-taught contortionist, who has gained popularity by showing her skills online through photos and videos posted over various social media accounts. She has promoted herself and her unique flexibility videos on Instagram and YouTube. In 2020, she added up TikTok to her social media platforms and posted regular videos. McNulty has gained nearly 1.5 million fans on Instagram and 15 million on TikTok, whereas her YouTube channel has earned 2.6 million subscribers. YouTube helped her to promote her videos, dance, and other content to an online audience. It was her first social and public video-sharing platform to earn fame and subscribers. Anna has posted flexibility routines, workouts, acro tutorials, and lots of other fun videos on her channel for the last few years. She always describes her motive as inspiring everyone at all flexibility and fitness levels to achieve their goals.

Career & Prominence

Anna McNulty is a professional gymnast, dancer, contortionist, influencer, and competitive cheerleader. Her career was started in childhood through cheerleading and contemporary dance. She was favorably noted for her unique flexibility. Later, she created her social media accounts to publish and share her skills videos and photos to garner followers and appreciation. Somehow, with a YouTube channel and Instagram, she managed to collect millions of fans and subscribers by sharing different dance and fun videos, gymnastic videos, flexibility, and contortionist content. Moreover, Anna posted her life routines, workouts, acro tutorials, and other interesting videos. Recently, she embrace fame and appreciation for her dance and lip-syncing videos on the TikTok platform. Each and every social profile of Anna McNulty has garnered more than a million followers. For that, she has become a well-known influencer and internet personality.

Anna McNulty Email Contact, House Location and Address, Phone Number and details
Anna McNulty Contact Information and Biography Details



Anna McNulty was born to a Canadian family residing in Saint John. Her mother’s name is Charlene. She has a sister named Grace.


Anna has never shared her boyfriend’s details. Somehow, there is a possibility of her dating in her private life.

Net Worth

Her net worth is $1.7 million dollars as of 2022. She earns through social media endorsements.


She was born on April 26, 2002, in Canada. She’s 20 years old. Her Birth/Horoscope sign is Taurus.

Contact Details

  • House Address: Anna McNulty, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Residence Location: Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Famous Ocean Phone Number: Canadian 4G network
  • Kayla aka Famous Ocean WhatsApp Number: for text message inquires
  • Email Account: (Verified)

Social Media Contact Profiles

  • Twitter Address:
  • Instagram Profile: (Verified)
  • TikTok Address: (Verified)
  • YouTube Channel: (Verified)
  • Personal Website:

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Real Name: Anna McNulty
  • Birthday/Birth Date: April 26, 2002
  • Country of Birth: Canada
  • Age: 20 Years old
  • Occupation: Internet Personality, Gymnast, Dancer, and YouTuber
  • Height: 5’7 feet
  • Income Source: YouTube, Social Media Endorsements
  • Net worth: $1.7m dollars
  • Education: Saint John High School
  • Instagram Followers: 2M
  • TikTok followers: 15M
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  1. Dear Anna mcnulty I am a huge fan and my name is Mary Elise I’m 10 years old and I’m sending u a letter to tell u everything.

  2. Dear Anna I would love to see you at least in a zoom or meet you someday or call you!
    Love you!
    10 years old

  3. Anna Mcnulty, My name is Nayeli Cruz and I’m 11 years old your splits tutorial has helped me a lot to get flexible and I’m a big fan and I even subscribed to your channel on Youtube, is there any way you could reply back because I really wanna talk to u?

  4. Jenya and Sarah

    Hi Anna,
    I was watching a video of yours with my friend. I was trying to find your phone number I would to talk with you in zoom or FaceTime . I am a huge fan of your videos and you. I would love to meet you.

    Jenya and Sarah❤️

  5. Hi Anna
    Your splits tutorials have really helped me a lot, O really want to say a big thank you
    I hope you see my comment and I hope I see you someday.Thanks.My phone number is 09128615667.

  6. Hi Anna mcnulty, my name is Clara and I am from Kenya. I have always wanted to meet you on zoom or at least call you. I love you and thank you for making me flexible..😊😊😊.. Please do me a favor and send me your phone number so that I can chat with you ☺️😂

  7. hi anna my name is Lexi and i am a huge fan of you I have been watching all of your tutorials and they have helped me so much and I would love to meet in person one day

  8. Hi annamcNulty.I’m make my flexible.thank you so mutch anna to help us make our flexible.

  9. Hi Anna! I am a huge fan of yours and my flexibility has grown from your help, I am 10 years old and I am from Finland Järvenpää. I know how to speak English cuz my dad is American. I would love to see you in America when My family comes there! I love you ❤️❤️

    From Minka

  10. Hi Anna, you are very inspiring, and your videos help me reach my goals !!

    Thank you for all you do to help people like me become flexible !! 😊

    P.s: I would love to talk sometime…

  11. Dear Anna my dream is to see you very far away from I live in New York This is my father’s email that you are gonna see but I am his daughter please call me as soon as possible and I was now with you On Roblox I saw Anna and thank you for everything please call me my phone number is8457202245 I love your channel.

  12. Hi anna my name is Michaela I live in Alabama and Have dreamed of meeting you helped me get my splits and I wanted to thank you for that! And I think I might come to la in two years on my birthday and my birthday is September 23 and I will be 12 so please let me know if you will be there may be a YouTube video That would be good thank you so much bye!

  13. Hi Anna I adore your videos I am also One of your subscribers and I also have 13 Years about to be 14. I love your hair too it’s beautiful.

  14. Hi Anna, I am a huge fan of yours, I love all of your videos and I have been subcribed for over 3 years now. I love all of your videos and I hope to see you one day. I love everything that you do.

  15. Violet McKellar

    Hi Anna can you give me your phone number and please only call me on 3:50 Australia time your videos help me so much 😊

  16. Arabella Collier

    Dear Anna McNulty you are the reason I’m confident and am chasing my dream. I will always look up to u. I would love to meat you through call. ❤❤❤

  17. Anna I love you so much. Thank you so much, I am so much more flexible. Also your so pretty!

  18. Hi lm your biggest fan 😦😍😍😍Keisha you came to my country .If you do l will literally faint 😍😍.Im a girl ,i live in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

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