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Career and History: Addison Rae Easterling is a well known and one of the top trending user of TikTok Social Media App where users upload dancing and lip syncing videos mostly 15 seconds long. Teenager Addison Rae is also one of these tiktokers who update their profiles with most creative and actively performed video content for their audience and fans following. She started her career as Influencer through Instagram in 2014, later she moved her efforts to Lip Syncing videos creation in TikTok which given er a great opportunity to get fame and influence all around the World. Addison Rae born in Lafayette, LA whereas she moved to United States for career and Collaboration with other TikTok Users. Born in October 2000, Addison Rae is now 20 years old teenager social celebrity and social media star.

Prominence: At the moment, Addison Rae is also a part of Popular Social Media collaborative group called Hype House, founding members of Hype House group includes Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg and Dixie D’Amelio. Hype House is a TikTok group team who perform together in different videos to get more viral and popular. Addison Rae herself received more than 17 million fans and followers whereas she already received more than 600 million Likes at TikTok alone.

Here, letโ€™s see Phone and Email details of Addison Rae, her Personal Mobile Number, TikToker Addison Rae Cell Phone number, Other Contact Details, Email ID address, Personal contact phone number, physical addresses and More.

Addison Rae Phone Number, Email Address, House Address
Addison Rae Contact Information

Addison Rae Contact Information

TikTok Sensation Addison Rae House and Postal Mail Addresses:

  • House Address: Addison Rae, D/O Monty Lopez, Lafayette, Louisiana, US.
  • Residence Address: Addison Rae, Lafayette, Louisiana, United States of America.

Addison Rae Phone Number Details

  • Addison Rae Mobile Phone Number: Added on November 2020
  • WhatsApp Number: Registered, Active
  • Personal Phone Number: Yes
  • Addison Rae Email Address/Account/ID: (Verified)

Social Media Contact Accounts of Celebrity ‘Addison Rae’

About (Addison Rae Biography)

Addison Rae born on October 6, 2000 is a 20 years old Popular American-LA TikTok and Instagram Personality. She is much active on social media and have a larger circle of Fans and Followers over different social media accounts. Addison Rae Started her social media career in 2014 through Instagram profile.

She not only created content in Instagram but also started creating video content for TikTok account. Addison Rae started trending in very short time after creating successful content over TikTok App. Now, Addison Rae is a member of collaborative group called Hype House.


She earns handsome earning through her social media advertisements and affiliates.

Addison Rae Family

Addison Rae birth name is Addison Rae Easterling. In Family members, Addison Rae has two brothers, both are younger to her named as Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez. Addison Rae mother name is Sheri Easterling and father name is Monty Lopez. Her parents could be seen in her videos and post at different social media accounts.

Addison Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling information Stolen

May 2020: Addison Rae family identity theft happened this week. One of user attempted to alter her mother Sheri’s social media accounts after stolen it. He even uploaded few hurtful and offensive content.

Addison Rae is not happy with it. Somehow, she given statement that her mother Sheri’s personal information is compromised. She said, “I mean come on, there has to be better things to do than h**k the accounts of a famous Tik Tokkerโ€™s momโ€ฆ but apparently people really are that bored.”.

TikTok, Instagram-er, Social Media Personality

Addison Rae started her career in 2014 by creating a social profile at popular social application Instagram. Here she was uploading her pictures and videos most of the times but later in 2017 she started uploading creative and dancing videos at TikTok Application by which she got viral in no time and received more than million followers in her very early first month. Now, Addison Rae is popular TikTok Personality and Internet Celebrity.

Hype House Member:

Most of the time, Addison Rae upload videos which are developed and manufactured in her social collaborative group. This group consist of other TikTok and video creators celebrities who come together to gain more fame and popularity over social media. Addison Rae is a member of Hype House collaborative group consisting of Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Avani Gregg and Addison Rae.

Dating Life

There was number of rumors and speculations which conclude that Addison Rae was dating Bryce Hall last year. But As per 2020, She confirmed she is not dating anybody at the moment and single for now. *Yeah! You have chance dude. Must Try if you Like her!

May 2020: Bryce Hall was ex of Addison. But still he has a great fattest crush on her ex girlfriend Addison Rae.

July 2020: It is confirmed news that. Addison Rae has begun dating co star and Hype House member Tony Lopez. Both confirmed their relationship status in to active.

Net worth

Addison Rae net-worth is estimated at $10 million dollars as per 2020. Moreover, Addison Rae main source of income is Social affiliate sales, YouTube and other advertisements and brand endorsements.

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: October 6, 2000.
  • Place of Birth: Lafayette, LA
  • Husband/Boy Friend: Dating
  • Total Children: 0
  • Age: 20 Years old
  • Official Instagram: @addisoneasterling
  • Occupation: TikTok, Instagram Star, Internet Celebrity.
  • Height: 5,5
  • Popular Friends: TikTok Users.

Business Facts/Figures

  • Salary Source: YouTube/Brand Endorsements/Affiliates.
  • Net worth: Est. $10 Million Dollar
  • Education: Yes
  • Twitter Followers: 1 Million Followers
  • Instagram Followers: 5M Followers
  • YouTube Followers: 1M Subscribers
  • TikTok Fans: 70M Followers

Work and Awards:


  • Model
  • Social Media Celebrity
  • Video and Filmography
  • Hype House Member
  • TikToker


  1. Teen Muser Awards
  2. Choice Awards
  3. Choice Muser
  4. YouTube Silver Button Award

Important Questions Asked by Fans and Followers.

Q: How to Contact Addison Rae through Email?
To contact Addison Rae via email send her a e-mail message to the gmail account given for her.

Q: Whats is Age of Addison Rae?
Your Favorite Muse TikTok-er is only 20 Years Old.

Q: Verified Phone number of Addison Rae?
Mobile Phone Number of Rae Addison is active and could be used for contacting her for a purpose.

Q: What is Contact Number of Addison Rae Easterling?
Mobile Contact Number of Rae Easterling Addison is provided in details above.

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    My son is following you on tik tok? He is terrific boy who needs to wear glasses. He is having a stand off, will not wear his eyeglasses. He said he would if you suggested he should. Can you help? Please let him know, if you would, he is handsome no matter what. Thank you!

  6. Hi I am Sophie Iโ€™m your biggest fan can I please get your phone number Iโ€™ve been watching your videos since I was little I am eight

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  9. Hello Adison, ich mรถchte bitte deine Nummer haben.
    Seit ich Tiktok hatte und dich zum ersten mal gesehen habe dann habe ich mir gedacht wow bist du hรผbsch und du kannst voll gut Tanzen ich will ihre Nummer haben. Bitte kรถnnen wir zsm schreiben.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Bitte bitte bitte

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  11. hi Addison love you so much you know thanksgiving is coming up and one of the things I am thankful for is you I would see on of your concerts but it is too far away I live and California and it is too expensive

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