Naz Norris Phone Number, Email, House Address, Biography, Whatsapp Contact Information.

Famous YouTube Channel Norris Nuts member Naz Norris’s Phone Number, Email, House Address, Biography, Date of Birth, Family, WhatsApp, and contact-related information are added here. Naz Norris is a 13-year-old teenage influencer and content creator known because of her popular family channel called Norris Nuts which is run by her parents and her elder sisters. The whole family including Naz and her siblings along with parents appear on the Noris Nuts channel and individually everyone has separate Instagram and several other social media accounts. The channel Norris Nuts has 7 million active subscribers and growing as well.

However, her siblings have created their channels in the past few years and Naz has created her NN Play Town channel where she plays games and other stuff alongside her siblings. her family created a series of YouTube channels as soon as they got prominence and fame through The Norris Nuts channel, the other channel list include Norris Nuts Gaming, Norris Nuts Do Stuff, Norris Nuts Cooking, Norris Nuts Clips, and Norris Nuts Squad among others.

She has a great interest in Skating and Surfing just like her elder sister Sabre Norris. In fact, all siblings go surfing and also go skating in their free time. Moreover, she enjoys creating crafts, sewing stuff, and videos. She has appeared in videos and clips since her early childhood, In Addition, she also takes care of her pet guinea pig which is her favorite pet. To establish communication with Naz, authentic contact information and a biography are given.

Naz Norris contact number, email and house address details
Influencer Naz Norris Contact Information and Biography

Influencer Naz Norris Phone Number, Email, House Address, and Biography

Postal and House Addresses:

  • House Address: Naz Norris, The Norris Nuts House, Newcastle, Australia.
  • Present Residence: Naz Norris D/O Justin Norris, Norris Nuts House, Newcastle, Australia.

Naz’s Phone Number and Email contact info:

  • YouTuber Naz Norris Phone Number: Seoul Network, +61 209 611 NAZ N, Active 2023
  • The Norris Nuts “Naz” Contact number: 4G-Network Connection, Active Since 2023 (Managed by parents)
  • WhatsApp Calls & Messaging Number of Naz Norris: +61 209 1611 NAZA, Use Occasionally, Status: Active. (Monitored by parents)
  • Email Account:

Social Media Platforms Contact Profiles of YouTuber “Naz Norris”

  • YouTube Channel/Account: (verified)
  • Wiki Page:
  • TikTok ID:
  • Instagram Profile: (Verified)
  • Twitter:


Naz Norris is a 13 years old content creator known for her collaborations in the family Youtube channel called The Norris Nuts. The family owns multiple YouTube channels and other social media accounts where they share pranks, challenges, surfing, skating, and other comedy stuff. She is the daughter of Olympic Swimmer Justin Norris and Brooke Norris. In the videos, Justin, Brooke, and all of the siblings including Naz Norris, Sabre, Biggy, Sockie, Disco, and Charm. She has also a great interest in singing and acting. Hopefully, she may give auditions for the cast in a TV series or a role in a Hollywood movie.


Family Channels

Norris family has plenty of YouTube channels created for comedy, games, humor, entertainment, vlogs, pranks and other genres. Some of the family channels are inclusive of The Norris Nuts, Norris Nuts Cooking, Norris Nuts Gaming, Norris Nuts Do Stuff, Norris Nuts Clips, and Norris Nuts Squad.


She has five siblings whose names are Sabre, Sockie, Disco, Biggy, and Charm. Her mother is named Brooke Norris and her father’s name is Justin Norris. Justin Norris is an Olympic swimmer.

Dating Life

Concerning her age, she is not dating anyone yet. She is focusing on he career and education so far.

Net Worth

Naz’s estimated net worth is $1 million. She spends money on the purchase of assets, gifts, cars, apparel, etc.

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Real Name: Naz Norris
  • Birthday/Birth Date: November 8, 2010
  • Place of Birth: New Castle, Australia
  • Age: 13 Years old
  • Children: 0
  • Official Instagram: @Naznorris
  • Occupation: Influencer, YouTuber
  • Height: 5’3 feet
  • Popular Friends: Sophie Fergi, Piper Rockelle

Business Facts and Figures

  • Income Source: Promotions, Brand endorsements, YouTube
  • Net worth: Est. US $1 million
  • Education: High School
  • TikTok Fans/Followers: 5M
  • Twitter Followers: 1M Followers
  • Instagram Followers: 1 M
  • YouTube Followers: 7M Subscribers

Talent and Awards:


  • Social Influencer
  • Entertainer
  • Surfer
  • Skating
  • Norris Nuts Member
  • YouTuber
  • Internet Celebrity


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  • Youtube Golden Button
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