Danielle Cohn Phone Number, House Address, Email Address, Contact Information, Wiki & Biography, and Whatsapp

American TikTok and Internet Celebrity Danielle Cohn’s Contact Phone Number, Email Address ID, House and Residential Address Details, Telephone Number Information, Biography, Wiki, WhatsApp, and other possible Danielle Cohn information is provided here. Danielle Cohn is a teenage American singer, TikTok Star, internet celebrity, and social media sensation from Florida, US. She started her career at the early age of 11 years to pursue a career as a celebrity and social media personality. However. she is currently 18 years old but there are various controversies and speculations about her real age. Danielle Cohn posted a message online that her daughter is 13, whereas she believes she is 18 years old.

She has been dating boys for more than 17 years so that is why her father reasoned for why she increased her age to make a relationship work. So, there is something you have to choose, her father’s truth or herself. Moreover, Danielle Cohn gained popularity recently by joining a lip-syncing application TikTok where she assessed more than 20 million active followers. Most of her content is related to dancing, singing, and musical choreography. There were various pregnancy rumors spread online by which her social media account access was taken away by parents and they described in a post that their daughter is still a minor and they have to take care of the things happening online. Her parents also ensured that she would be back in control of her Instagram and other social media accounts soon.

Moreover, now Danielle Cohn is much more stable and active on her social media platforms. She is trending everywhere including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She has a massive fan following and subscribers recently and posting much creative and useful content these days. The YouTube channel of Danielle Cohn has all the songs she sings and you can listen to them now. She received multiple awards mostly for TikTok and choice awards as a popular muser, Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser, and iHeartRadio Music Social Star Award.

No doubt, she is always a controversy queen and one of the least age teenagers who is influencing the internet and social media audience. Danielle Cohn’s parents are very careful of her work and jobs, they often create posts online to define what is going on, and what they want to do for their daughter. Her musical career includes the following popular songs, Before Love Existed, Mi Amor, and Marilyn Monroe. Now, let’s see the Phone number details of American Singer and Social Media Celebrity Danielle Cohn, Her Personal Contact Number, Business Phone, Other Danielle Cohn Contact Detailed information, Email ID Account, Personal mobile numbers, house/residential addresses, Active Whatsapp account, Wiki, biography and More.


Danielle Cohn Phone Number, Email Address, House Address
Danielle Cohn Contact information

American Celebrity Danielle Cohn Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address and Biography Details

TikTok Star Danielle Cohn Addresses:

  • House Address: Danielle Cohn, Florida 32003, United States
  • Residence Address: Danielle Cohn, Florida 32003, United States of America.

Danielle Cohn Phone Number and Contact info

  • Danielle Cohn Phone Number: Yes, American Network Sim Number.
  • Social Media Sensation Danielle Cohn Mobile Contact Number: Network SIM
  • WhatsApp Number of Danielle Cohn: Active, but use it occasionally.
  • Personal Phone Number: Same
  • Danielle Cohn Email Account: jennifer6262002@yahoo.com (Verified)

Social Media Contact Accounts of TikTok Celebrity ‘Danielle Cohn’

  • TikTok Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@daniellecohn (verified)
  • Parents Facebook Account: https://web.facebook.com/dustin.cohn.5 (Verified)
  • Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/DanielleCohn555 (Verified)
  • Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/daniellecohn/ (Verified)
  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jennifer6262002chad/ (verified)
  • Website: In Progress.
  • SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/missflorida8 (Verified)
  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7H1odDNiEyaQ4MZ8bL27tT
  • Wiki: Yes, Given Below.

About (Danielle Cohn Biography)

Danielle Cohn is an 18-year-old teenager from Florida, United States. She was born on March 7, 2006, to Dustin Cohn and Jennifer Cohn. She is living with her parents in Florida. Her career started when she created her online Instagram and YouTube account and got popularity at its peak while dancing and creating videos on the TikTok application. Furthermore, she never told any truth about her age by herself but by her mother and father. She got interested in singing and making use of millions of followers on social media accounts, so she started singing and uploading over social media. She gained huge attention worldwide and a greater number of followers across all social accounts. She has a brother Chad Cohn in siblings. Her source of income is now brand endorsements and YouTube.

There are various controversies always arising in her personal life and dating life. Most of the time her parents come to the rescue as well as to make sure is she doing well online. She is known to date a boyfriends of much different elder in age. Still, she is progressing very fast and positively. In the early days, She won the Miss Florida Junior Preteen Queen Competition in 2014, and then after her life completely changed as she never got any less than any celebrity.

Singer, TikTok Star, Social Media Personality

Danielle Cohn is a professional social media influencer and media celebrity. She get into this career after winning Miss Florida Junior Preteen Queen Competition back in 2014. So, moving forward she joined all the popular social media platforms and started collecting fans and followers. With several controversies and content, her popularity and career got better and better. Moreover, she joined TikTok a new application in 2019, and got millions of followers in a few months. Now, she is also a musician and released multiple singles and songs. Soon, she is seeking to join an acting career to become an actress.


Her parent’s names are Dustin Cohn and Jennifer Cohn. Her parents are very protective and caring for her. They want no one to harm their daughter not misuse her. That’s the perfect thing, her father is a very nice person as he cares much like not all do these days. She has 1 sibling, a brother named Chad Cohn.

Her Parents quote: “When Danielle was first on social media musically I was disgusted that kids would post videos and their parents thought it was ok. I asked for it to stop but it didn’t, and now it has spiraled into me being worried about my daughter’s safety.” (Dustin Cohn, Danielle Cohn’s father)

“Danielle is 13. I have never liked Danielle being on social media especially when she started at such an early age. But pageants, and modeling, and then musically we’re all pushed on her. It was always a huge problem to me. I asked for it to stop immediately, which it didn’t.” (Dustin Cohn, Danielle Cohn’s father)

“I truly hope in the future she gets to truly experience life and have fun and not be caught up in a world of followers, fame, likes, and money. I hope one day she sees that I’ve only ever tried to protect her. I hope others around her wake up and realize it shouldn’t be about the money, but living life as a kid that she is.” (Dustin Cohn, Danielle Cohn’s father)

Dating Life

Currently, she is dating Ethan Fair, another popular social media star. But before Ethan Fair, she is known to have other relationships and a dating history. i.e. Mikey Tua.

Net Worth

She has a net worth of $2 million USD as of 2024. Most of her income is from Brand advertisements and YouTube earnings.

Height, Weight Details

Physical measurements for Cohn are as follows.


In 2024, Danielle Cohn’s weight is 55 Kg’s.


Age At 18 Years, Danielle Cohn is 5,1′ tall.

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: March 07, 2006.
  • Place of Birth: Florida, United States.
  • Husband/Boy Friend: Ethan Fair, Mikey
  • Total Children: 0
  • Age: 18 Years old
  • Official TikTok: @daniellecohn
  • Occupation: Tiktok-er, YouTuber, Social Media Personality, Singer, Beauty Queen Winner
  • Height: 5,0
  • Popular Friends: TikTok and YouTube Celebrities.

Business Facts/Figures

  • Salary: Brand Endorsements/YouTube
  • Net worth: Est. US $2 million
  • Education: Yes
  • TikTok Fans/Followers: 20 Million and Growing.
  • Twitter Followers: 0.2M
  • Instagram Followers: 5M
  • YouTube Followers: 2M Subscribers

Work and Awards:

Danielle Cohn Work:

  • YouTube video creator
  • TikTok Dancing videos and clips
  • Instagram
  • Social Media and Internet Personality
  • Singing and Dancing
  • Modeling
  • Singer, Songwriter
  • Before Love Existed
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Mi Amor


  1. YouTube Silver Award
  2. Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser
  3. iHeartRadio Music Social Star Award
  4. Choice Muser

Important Questions Asked by Fans and Followers.

Q: How to Reach Danielle Cohn?
You can contact Danielle Cohnr via her house address or calling her phone number and email address.

Q: How to Contact Danielle Cohn?
To contact Danielle Cohn check her Phone Number, Email Address, house address, and social media profile details provided above. For social media, you have to use internal messages and direct message options for communication.

Q: What is the Phone Number of American TikTok Celebrity Danielle Cohn?
The telephone Number of Danielle Cohn is provided above, use it wisely.

Q: How many bf’s Danielle Cohn have?
Danielle Cohn is rumored to be dating Ethan Fair.

Q: What is the Age of Danielle Cohn?
She is 18 Years Old as of 2024.

Q: Mobile Contact number and email of Danielle Cohn?
Recommended contact method for Danielle Cohn is phone number and email, social media. Moreover, You can call her by telephone and send her an email. Use details wisely.

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